Dazed [Condition]

Either one of your party members or an enemy has been dazed. Dazed characters can no longer execute attack or skill commands. However, they will still
be able to execute all other commands, such as moving, using items, and Changing Gear.

If you are dazed, this is how you can heal yourself from the condition:

- Use an appropriate recovery item.
- Visit a Healer (not available during battles).
- Let another party member execute a healing skill (if available and only during battles).
- Wait until it automatically times out (not recommended).
- Let your character die (you are not really considering this option, are you?)
You can review all your character's status conditions in the status menu. During battles, all characters and enemies are also marked with their active status conditions.

Pro tip:

To prevent or minimize dazed or other conditions, keep an eye on available Equipment and Passive Skills that may protect you from being dazed.

Recovery items or skills that cure or protect you from the dazed condition:

- Daze Resistance [Passive Skill]
- Shake Up [Active Skill]
- Bell of Doom [Material]
- Anti Dazed Flask [Recovery Item]
- Mighty Anti Flask [Recovery Item]