==============================================Side Quest #12 - Crystal Fields ======================================

Quest Giver:

Darrak in West Moss Stone Swamp


"You have found Darrak in the Moss Stone Swamp. He is a Poacher. If you can gain his trust, you will hear something about the crystal fields and their
secrets. First, you have to find Darrak's Gear. Later he needs 3 Strange Oozes"


- Go East of Darak's location and fight the Walking Bone enemy.
- Grab Darrak's Gear in the Chest guarded by the Walking Bone.
- Return Darrak's Gear to Darrak.
- Fight nearby Gelatin enemies until you have 3 Strange Oozes
- Return to Darrak and give him 3 Strange Ooze.

Quest Reward:

- Moss Key
Head East and use the Moss Key to open the gate to the crystal field and search for these items:
- White Crystal x 2
- Blue Crystal
- Medium Ladybug
- Rainbow Medal
- Small Nectar
- 71 total in Rainbow Coins


Darrak provides some useful information during this Quest:
If you grab all the bags that drop in battle before the battle ends, your chances of getting more/better items increase.
He also tells you that you can sometimes find hidden items where ever there are crystals.


- No