===========================================Side Quest #17 - Confront the Danger============================================

Quest Giver:

Rafdel in central northeast Windy Snowland.


"A group of merchants is trapped in the mountains of Windy Snowland. Rafdel is outside the trap and asks you to free the merchants."

- After speaking with Rafdel, fight the enemy boss Hellhound who is blocking entry to the merchants in that alcove
- After you defeat it, return the Hellhound Fur it drops to Rafdel for your reward

Quest Reward:

- Large Potion
- Large Potion
- 39 Rainbow Coins
There is also a semi-hidden Chest near the Smith which contains:
- 70 Rainbow Coins
- Fight Pattern 19
- Small Gorilla
- Medium Mouse


- No (Unlocks Ice Wings Side Quest)