Buffed [Condition]

You have just used a buff crystal for the first time. As long as the power of this crystal remains valid, the buffed status is added to your character condition. There are many
kinds of buff crystals available, each one with different benefits. Read their item info and use them wisely.


Buffed as well as other positive conditions will automatically time out after awhile. You can review all your characters' status conditions in the status menu.
During battles, all active status conditions are also displayed over the characters head.

Items that give you the buffed condition:

- Boost of Speed [Misc item]
- Boost of Will [Misc item]
- Boost of Velocity [Misc item]
- Boost of Force [Misc item]
- Boost of Size [Misc item]
- Boost of Resistance [Misc item]
- Boost of Luck [Misc item]
- Boost of Power [Misc item]
- Boost of Savvy [Misc item]
- Boost of Stamina [Misc item]
- Boost of Wisdom [Misc item]