Big Soulstone [Material]

"A mighty soul has been trapped inside this stone."
(SEE ALSO Materials with Skills and Conditions)

Quest item:


Dropped by:

Last Tone (1%)
Dark Mage (High%)
Note: Cannot be bought at a shop. It is either dropped from a monster (most common way), found as a treasure, or acquired as part of a quest reward

Also Obtained by:

Chest (Stormlord's Den - Level 5)
Chest (Endless Passage - guarded by a Vampire Lord)
Chest (Castle Temwall - guarded by a Banned Pages)
Chest (Dripstone Cave - guarded by a Banned Pages)
Bag (Endless Passage - guarded by a Tarantella)
Quest (Ice Hunt - repeatable)

Sells for:

60 (Chest version) / 180 (Dropped version) Rainbow Coins



Poison Resistance