===============================================================Side Quest #63 - Big Jade Statue II==================================================================

Quest Giver:

Kri-Lo of Polad


"Bring Kri-Lo of Polad more Big Jade Statues. For eight statues, he will ask the merchants to sell better items! You can find these statues in the dungeons of the Murky Basement and Horneim in Burning Steppe (Mordan), Mining Shaft in Teardrop Mountains (Mordan), Broad Kennel in Barren Jungle (Arilla) and the Warehouse in Taswan (Tscha)."


NOTE: Although certain Big Jade Statues can be obtained in any order based on your current Level and the Shop Level, all the Big Jade Statue Side Quests (except Big Jade Statue V) will be based around finding Big Fire Statues for Noolend's Level Cap Quests.
(SEE ALSO Post Game Guide)
- Horheim (1 Big Jade Statue): Head to Horheim and use the Dematerializer at the area just south of the shops. Go through the lava filled area there to find one (1) Big Jade Statue.
- Murky Basement (3 Big Jade Statues): Head to Murky Basement and use the Dematerializer there. In the new area surrounded by Huge Imps, make your way around the perimeter opening all the gates along the way. Now make your way to the center. One (1) Big Jade Statue will be just South of the Dungeon Warp there. After you grab it, use the Dungeon Warp to an area where you'll see
Huge Imps circling around. One (1) Big Jade Statue will be in the Northeast section. Grab it and head to the South section of the map, then use the Dungeon Warp there. Now head
Southeast (Northeast leads to the Lv.850 Boss Annihilator). At the end of this area use the Dungeon Warp that will take you to a room with one (1) Big Jade Statue.
- Broad Kennel (4 Big Jade Statues): Head to Broad Kennel and use the Dematerializer. Two (2) Big Jade Statues can be found half way through the dungeon toward the left side guarded by a Huge Imp and Death Slime. The other two (2) Big Jade Statues are near the end of the dungeon on the right side guarded by a Murder Bee and Power Golem.
- When you have eight (8) Big Jade Statues, return to Kri-Lo of Polad.

Quest Reward:

- Unlocks Shop Level 11


- No (Unlocks Big Jade Statue III Side Quest)

Map Locations: