=======================================Side Quest #27 - Big Golden Statue============================================
Quest Giver:
Kri-lo in Polad

"A merchant in Polad can ask the owners to offer new items. Bring Kri-Lo the Big Golden statue from the Mining Shaft, a dungeon in the east of Mordan.
It should be somewhere on the first floor. To obtain access to this dungeon, you have to find Min-Fier in the easternmost part of Mordan"

- Head to the east of Mordan and speak to Min-Fier. He will give you Min-Fier's Key
- Go to the Mining Shaft and use the key to gain access.
- Just south when you enter will be a chest with the Big Golden Statue in it
- Return it to Kri-Lo for your reward

Quest Reward:
- Shop Level upgrade

- No