Big Fire Statue [Key Items]

"An unique item, very rare."

Related Quest(s):

Beast Master
Strategy Master
‚ÄčEternal Master
(SEE ALSO Post Game Guide)

Obtained by:

- 1 from Min-Fier in east Mordan after completing The Crystals Side Quest
- 1 from Leylon of Taswan after completing The Box Side Quest
- 2 from Tingard in Hopper Forest after completing Order of the King Side Quest
- 1 from Fenore in Taswan after completing The Single Side Quest
- 1 from a Chest behind the Big Bang Boss on the small island Northwest of Cassar Island
- 6 from Jewom in Ocher Stone Swamp after completing The Deluded Side Quest


- Noolend requests these in the Related Quests in order to raise your Level Cap from 80-150, 150-250, 250-600 & 600-999
- Disappears from your key items inventory after you give them to Noolend