========================================Side Quest #58 - Beast Master=========================================

Quest Giver:

Noolend on Double Peak Isle


"Your current level cap is 150. Noolend can show you how to become a Beast Master. If you bring him 20 Imp Wings and two Big Fire Statues, he will
push your level cap up to 250. You can get these kinds of materials from the Huge Imps. You will find them in the dungeons in Mordan."


(SEE ALSO Post Game Guide)
- You unlock this side quest after you have rescued Noolend's sister Bodena on Forgotten Island and received the Dematerializer from her.
- Refer to the side quest The Crystals on how to get 1 Big Fire Statue
- Refer to the side quest The Box on how to get 1 Big Fire Statue
- The 20 Imp Wings from the Huge Imp enemies can be easily gotten while you are doing these two quest (though lower level Imps also drop these)
- When you have everything, return to Noolend

Quest Reward:

- Level Cap raised to 250


- No (Unlocks Side Quest #59 Strategy Master)