===========================================================Side Quest #2 - Alchemy Experiments [Side Quests]===========================================================

Quest Giver:

Eccmold in Cassar Village


"Eccmold is lurking behind Stella's garden in Cassar Village. He wants to do alchemy research and needs some rare ingredients for that. He asks you for an Imp Horn and a Colorful Sting which are rare drops from Imps and bees."


- Fight Trial Imps and Tiny Bees until you get 1 Imp Horn and 1 Colorful Sting.
- Return to Eccmold and give him the two items.
- A boss fight ensues with the Gene Bee boss and several Tiny Bees.
- Win the battle and return to speak with Eccmold.

Quest Reward:

- Tiny Herbs
- 17 Rainbow Coins
- White Crystal


- No